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Welcome to the products page below is the range of portable Fire Fighting Equipment, Fire Alarm Components and Accessories, Emergency Lighting and Accessories

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This fire extinguisher is for A Class fires such as wood paper and textiles it has a 21a rating and contains 9L of water.

Model Number: WFEX9


Foam Fire Extinguishers cover both A & B Class fires, these units are becoming more common in the workplace as they cover two classes of fire, Both the 6&3L models are lighter than the 9L water and easier to Lift and use.

Model Numbers: FFEX1 FFEX2 FFEX3 FFEX6 FFEX9

Wet Chemical

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are fire designed to combat fires that involve cooking oils and fat and any other Class E Fires.

Model Numbers: WCFEX3 WCFEX6

Anti Magnetic Carbon Dioxide (AMCo2)

These Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are used in areas where high magnetic fields are involved typical application of these units is in a X-Ray room.

Model Numbers: CDFEX2AM

5oL Foam Trolley Unit

Model Numbers: FWU50JSP

Fire Alarm Parts

Model Numbers:
Water Additive

These fire extinguishers are for A Class fires such as wood paper and textiles they have a 21a (6L) & 13a (3L)ratings and contain 6&3L of water with additive.

Model Numbers: WAFEX3 WAFEX6

ABC Powder

Powder Fire Extinguishers are termed a general purpose fire extinguisher as they cover a wide range of the classes of fire which are: A, B, C class fire and fires involving electricity.

Model Numbers: PFEX1 PFEX2 PFEX3 PFEX6 PFEX9

Carbon Dioxide (C02)

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers are mainly to provide cover for fires involving electricity but they also cover a B Class fire however when used on a B Class fire there remains the potential for auto reigniting as Co2 is a gas and will dissipate into the atmosphere.

Model Numbers: CDFEX2J CDFEX5J

Specialist Powders

Specialist Powders include Monnex as used in the aviation industry, L2&M28 D Class powder units which are for metal fires these includes zinc magnesium etc… they use a low velocity applicator lance to apply the powder.

Model Numbers: L2PFEX M28PFEX MPFEX

9oL Foam Trolley Unit

Model Numbers: FFEX90JSP

Fire Alarms Ancillaries

Model Numbers: